Meet The Parents Of Our Next Litter Planned For June 2024

Our Mission

We at Peoples Choice Labs pledge to breed quality Labs. We are dedicated to breeding for sound health, excellent temperament, easy trainability, and good looks. Because we breed only dogs with excellent blood lines, you can be assured that you will receive the best possible pet for your family. Bred by the strictest AKC standards, both Gus and Zeva meet these criteria. You can see their pedigrees listed on this site.

In addition, all of our dogs and puppies are under the excellent care of Dr. Lisa Hanson, owner of Pfenning Lane Animal Hospital in Pflugerville, Texas. Not only a veterinarian but also a personal friend, she can attest to the excellent care we provide for our dogs. Gus and Zeva are tested and registered with OFA for Hips, Elbows, and Cert for eyes each year. You can have great confidence that a puppy from our kennel is happy, as well as healthy.

Gus (Sire)-To the Right

We purchased Gus in November 2020.  He is now almost 4 years old, and the sire of our last litter with Maggie Mae.  Gus is a big boy  at almost 100 Lbs. He is a “Classic” English Lab with a block head, and a strong “Otter Tail” that is always wagging.  Gus has an excellent pedigree   Gus was sired by Diamond M's Sixguns A Blazin Hunter By Belquest (OFA26E, EIC, CNM)  He has a great personality, and wonderful temperament (sweet as he can be). He is great with my Grandkids, and just wonderful friendly lab. He is trained to sit, stay, and fetch, and eat lots of treats.  Gus is very playful.  He loves to play fetch, and just run.

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Zeva (Dam)-Maggie, Gus

Meet Zeva daughter of Maggie Mae, and Deets.  Zeva is 3 years old, and will be having her second litter by Gus.   This will be an outstanding pairing, both parents having fine pedigrees out of good lines as shown elsewhere. 

Zeva is a beautiful dog with several well known Lab breeders noting her classic American Lab conformation.  She has a "kind" eye expression, a strong "otter" tail and the beautiful "athletic" body of the classic Anerican lab like her father Deets.  She is obedience trained, has a friendly demeanor, LOVES the water and has a strong retrieving instinct.  She weighs 75 pounds and is light-cream in color.


Gus's Registration

Zeva's Registration

Gus's Pedigree

Zeva's Pedigree

Below is a Video of Gus (Sire), Zeva (Dam) and Maggie Mae (Grandma) and Recent Litter of Gus/Zeva

This video was taken in December 2023 when the puppies were approx. 6 weeks old.  My wife and I enjoy working with the puppies at this age.  The puppies get a lot of attention, and love at this stage of thier young life.  We believe this is very important to the devolpment of the puppy. I take the time to start training the litter,  I teach tem how to come to me, how to sit, and how to be a social member of our Peoples Choice Lab family.

When You Bring Your Puppy Home

Training Your New Puppy

Training a young puppy is a tiresome task. Innocent and naïve, a puppy needs persistent effort to understand your command and learn to show obedience. Though the beginning is saddled with difficulties, your patience pays offs when you have a loyal and perfect life-long companion. Therefore, start your Labrador puppy training as soon as he arrives.The most important thing to focus on once your Labrador puppy is at home is your relationship with him. Petting your dog on his back, or behind his ears, or under his chin is an excellent way to get start building trust. Dogs thrive with affectionate human touch, and you can use this to bond with your pet. It not only builds your dog’s trust, but it is also a way to teach your Labrador puppy about dominance and submission.Tools you will need to start your basic puppies training.

  • Collar (I like a choke collar)
  • Leash
  • Treats are a very important tool to use while training your puppy.  I always carry some treats in my front pocket. Treats can be as simple as your puppy’s dry dog food. Use the treats as a reward for any obeyed command.  I still carry treats with me every day for my adult dogs.  Treats work!
  • A small plastic swimming pool.  Labs love the water.  Labs are bred for their keen water instincts. The puppy you brought home with you has already been introduced to the water.
  • A dog crate.  If the puppy is going to stay indoors with you, he needs to stay in his crate when you are not playing with him.  This is a good way to start potty training your puppy. A puppy will not pee where he sleeps.
  • A fetch item.  This should be something soft that he can’t swallow, and that you can toss 10 feet.  When he is big enough, a tennis ball works great for fetching because you can throw a tennis ball a long distance with a Chucker (tool for throwing a ball a long way).  Your puppy is a LabradorRetriever, a unique breed known for his retriever skills.  It is in his DNA. Use it to exercise your puppy.  An exercised dog is a happy dog
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