Yellow Male AKC Lab Puppy For Sale (for the right person)

 We purchased Gus in November 2020.  He is now 1 year old.  He still a puppy, a big puppy.  We purchased him for breeding purposes.  We purchased him from the same breeder we purchased Maggie Mae from (different blood lines).  He has an excellent pedigree, and is a beautiful puppy.  He is the sweetest puppy in the world. He is great with my Grandkids, and just wonderful friendly lab. He is trained to sit, stay, and fetch. He will be available to breed in Jan. 2022.  We plan to breed him with Zeva, our new yellow female puppy we kept from our  litter last January (10 months old).  Our plan is to breed Zeva to Gus this summer (2022).

Why are you selling him you ask.  Gus is a wonderful, loving, and beautiful male lab.  We are retiring Maggie Mae from breeding.  She has had 4 litters, and we are going to nueter her.  Zeve is the yellow female in the videos below.  We plan to breed her going forward.  Zeva, and Gus are best of pals.  They do everything together. I have not been able to train either one like I wanted to because of time constrains, and I found out it is very difficult to train them together.  We have a large back yard, and every evening I take the dogs for a run with my golf cart.  As soon as I start up the golf cart they start playing too rough.  He attacks her, and she attacks him.  They are just playing, not fighting, but I am afraid one of them will get hurt. See the videos below.  Eventually Zeva jumps into the golf cart, and rides with me while Gus runs the course.

We want to sell Gus to someone that is close by, because we want to breed him with Zeva.  I will want for the person to agree to breed Gus with Zeva once per year for 3 years.  We will want the person to agree to sign a contract.  We are asking $2000.00 for him.  He will come with full AKC registration papers.  This means you can stud him out for a fee. (He has an excellent pedigree.  We paid $3000.00 for him.)

Please watch all four videos below, and you can get a feel for what a wonderful dog Gus is.