Meet Gus (Four videos of Gus below)

We considered selling Gus to the right person living near -by in Central Texas, but have since reconsidered, and plan to keep him (Long Story). We purchased Gus in November 2020.  He is 30 weeks old.  He still a puppy, a big puppy.  We purchased him for breeding purposes.  We purchased him from the same breeder we purchased Maggie Mae from (different blood lines).  He has an excellent pedigree, and is a beautiful puppy.  He is the sweetest puppy in the world. He is trained to sit, stay, and fetch. He will be available to breed in Jan. 2022.  We plan to breed him with Maggie Mae for her last litter, and then in 2023 we plan to breed him with our new puppy we kept from our last litter (Zeva) a yellow female.  Our plan is to breed yellow male to yellow female to give us all yellow lab litters.