Please Fill  Out The  Questionnaire Below

If you are interested in purchasing a puppy from Peoples Choice Labs, please take the time to fill out the  questionnaire below.  The price for the puppies is $1800.00 for limited registration, and $2500.00 for full registration.  We require a $300.00 deposit to hold a puppy.  The order in which we receive the deposits determines the pick order. 

We believe it is very important that the new puppy owner has a back yard to exercise their new puppy in.  Labradors are naturally energetic dogs. And just like us, their cardiovascular system becomes more efficient the more its used. The benefits of exercising your dog are many. Exercise helps your Labrador grow more blood vessels and effectively oxygenate his body, as well as build muscle and strengthen his bones.

However, as a general rule of thumb, a normally healthy adult Labrador Retrieverwill need 1 hour of exercise every day. The more relaxed Labs just 45 minutes per day, the more energetic 1.5 hours+. This can be made up of running, swimming, playing fetch, jogging alongside you…anything that goes beyond a gentle walk.

Granddaughter holding newborn puppy

Due to the risk of diseases such as the Parvovirus, Coccidia, Canine Influenza, etc., we’ve had to change our visitation policy a.  Puppies are very fragile when so young, especially before they’ve had all their vaccinations. We will ask you when you come to visit our puppies that you wipe you shoes on a mat sprayed with Clorox at the front door.  We will also provide you with disposable gloves before handling the puppies..  We just value our puppies and need to protect them from diseases and parasites, etc.  I know people who already have a puppy reserved with us are thankful for this policy, as they certainly do not want their new baby to get sick.  We are knowledgeable, professional breeders with many years of experience in breeding quality, healthy puppies.  If adopting a healthy puppy is important to you, you won’t be disappointed when you do come to choose your previously reserved puppy from us!  To date, no one has ever come to visit our puppies and requested a refund, in fact we receive so many compliments on how our puppies and dogs are cared for.  Our dogs and puppies are our life, and people tell us all the time that it shows when they are here.

Grandchildren holding newborn lab puppies